Wednesday, May 09, 2007

lighthive: luminous architectural surveillance

LightHive Project: Interactive Lighthouse
LightHive is a gigantic lighthouse signalling the activity of the AA School through its piano nobile windows to the world beyond.

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Eduardo Rico-Carranza AALandscape Urbanism Tutor...looking at the device....a bit puzzled...

The lights pass through the boundaries of the windows, shifting the exhibition’s location from inside to out, democratising the gallery.

The geometry of the AA’s entire premises is compressed as a 1:5 model to fit into the space. Represented by light sources that enable the AA to function, the precise position, intensity and colour temperature of every fixture is located within the Font Members’ Room, the geometries of thier surroundings generating 2100 unique shapes that have been designed, scripted and lasercut by Zumtobel.
the Openning & the amazed look...
and before the Grandeur opening
assembling and pairing the various species and distortions of room lights…
7.5 kilometres of LED cabling
18 door-size sheets of lasercut rhinoscripted diffusers.